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Colour Palettes For A Summer Wedding

Even if there is still a long way to go for the next summer, you already have to prepare as early as now so that everything will go smoothly. An advance preparation is the key to successful weddings and it all starts in the choice of the colour palette that you want to use for your wedding. Deciding what colours to use is crucial to how your wedding will look like in your mind and through the photos that you will get as souvenirs. With these palettes you are sure to make your photos pop with the colours of summer, just make sure to get reputable wedding photographers so that the colours will really be captured and what you see personally will also be the colours in the photographs.

  1. Bright Summer Palette– Who says you just have to choose a single colour and stick to it? That may be true for the weddings of our parents and grandparents but today, the trends are into multiple colours. You can choose colours such as coral, teal, peach or pink to be included in your pallet. These colours look great together and you can decorate the tables using this palette.
  2. Aqua Palette – If you are tired of pinks, then you can choose a whole different colour like that in the shade of blue but to make it a bit more different by using the cool blue colours like teal or robin’s egg blue and then combining it with a neutral light gray or white colour. This is a cool colour palette that your groom and his men would really appreciate.
  3. Wildflowers Palette – Another colour pallet that you should think of is the wildflowers palette. This makes use of the wildflowers as its inspiration for the colour palette and it presents vintage and rustic yet sweet and glamorous style. You can use purple, pink, and soft green for your decorations and motif.
  4. Classic Blue Pallet – The classic navy blue palette never gets out of style and you can use cream and green to make the navy blue pop. This looks well with classic or modern weddings and the colour combination is just perfect.
  5. Bold Palette – This colour palette consists of a combination of bold colours such as fuchsia and combining it with other colours such as light blue, peach or pink. You can really capture the colours of summer through this palette because it is the colours of the flowers you will see in bloom.

Here are just 5 of the colour palettes you can choose from. It is important that you choose a colour palette as early as possible because the decorations as well as what the entourage would wear will highly depend on it.