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Wedding Car Options at

The reasons why you should choose for wedding cars service is that we have experienced chauffeurs who are well trained and who will ensure that you remain comfortable and help to make your day memorable. We are committed to making this special day memorable. Our chauffeurs will assist your bridesmaids in and out of the cars if there is need.

We offer a number of packages right from the time of inquiry throughout to the day of the wedding. Our details are easily accessible on our website and you can contact us any time of the day. We offer back up services to ensure that everything goes as planned. We make our services professional to ensure that your wedding is a success.
You no longer have to peruse through the yellow pages looking for wedding cars service providers. Just get in touch and we shall give you the best services ever. We make the whole process simple, easy and hassle free. You don’t have to go through middlemen, just call us and we shall provide the information that you need to make the decision.

We offer a number of fleet of luxury vehicles from which to choose. Some of them include;
• Supercar
• Luxury cars
• Limousines
• Premium 4×4 s

The vehicles can be delivered to a place of your choice or you can choose to be chauffeured by our experienced drivers.

Before you hire any car, we check all our vehicles at our detailing facility, clean them up and make the necessary repairs so that we give you a vehicle whose condition is immaculate. We ensure that before the car leaves our show room, we carry out transmission overhaul, change the oil and ensure that the vehicle is in a perfect condition to offer the expected service.

The amenities we provide include;
• Comfortable waiting areas where complimentary beverages and snacks are provided
• Complimentary interior and exterior car wash
• Complementary pickup and delivery
• Complementary loaner cars
• If you are hiring the car for a longer period, we shall pick it up from wherever it is, deliver it to our dealership for servicing and return it upon completion.
• We provide additional supercars to be used for filming

If you are looking for traditional wedding car services, ceremonies and anniversary vehicles, we are the right company you should consult. We are experienced, punctual, kind and patient. It is a brilliant idea to have our team as part of your wedding entourage. We shall ensure that we deliver the best because this is our work. If you are looking for quality services, professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and value, you must contract us. Similarly if you are looking forward to an amazing experience that will add great value to your wedding, you need to choose us. Give us a call and reserve any vehicle you think may make your day a success and we shall avail it. Visit our website and see images of the top vehicles we own.

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Colour Palettes For A Summer Wedding

Even if there is still a long way to go for the next summer, you already have to prepare as early as now so that everything will go smoothly. An advance preparation is the key to successful weddings and it all starts in the choice of the colour palette that you want to use for your wedding. Deciding what colours to use is crucial to how your wedding will look like in your mind and through the photos that you will get as souvenirs. With these palettes you are sure to make your photos pop with the colours of summer, just make sure to get reputable wedding photographers so that the colours will really be captured and what you see personally will also be the colours in the photographs.

  1. Bright Summer Palette– Who says you just have to choose a single colour and stick to it? That may be true for the weddings of our parents and grandparents but today, the trends are into multiple colours. You can choose colours such as coral, teal, peach or pink to be included in your pallet. These colours look great together and you can decorate the tables using this palette.
  2. Aqua Palette – If you are tired of pinks, then you can choose a whole different colour like that in the shade of blue but to make it a bit more different by using the cool blue colours like teal or robin’s egg blue and then combining it with a neutral light gray or white colour. This is a cool colour palette that your groom and his men would really appreciate.
  3. Wildflowers Palette – Another colour pallet that you should think of is the wildflowers palette. This makes use of the wildflowers as its inspiration for the colour palette and it presents vintage and rustic yet sweet and glamorous style. You can use purple, pink, and soft green for your decorations and motif.
  4. Classic Blue Pallet – The classic navy blue palette never gets out of style and you can use cream and green to make the navy blue pop. This looks well with classic or modern weddings and the colour combination is just perfect.
  5. Bold Palette – This colour palette consists of a combination of bold colours such as fuchsia and combining it with other colours such as light blue, peach or pink. You can really capture the colours of summer through this palette because it is the colours of the flowers you will see in bloom.

Here are just 5 of the colour palettes you can choose from. It is important that you choose a colour palette as early as possible because the decorations as well as what the entourage would wear will highly depend on it.